Pinball Myths 3D Cthulhu

Pinball Myths 3D Cthulhu Review

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Pinball Myths 3D Cthulhu Review

Publicated: 01 Mar 2019
Unleash the madness of the Mighty Cthulhu!
Taste the power of the Elder Gods from the Cthulhu Mythos in amazing pinball table!

The Elder Gods created by Lovecraft will be available to play pinball with him.

In our application Pinball Myths 3D Cthulhu you will discover the wonderful world of Pinball, make a mysterious journey, plunge into the atmosphere of adventure, meet the mystical creatures, monsters and much more evil and horror !
- Amazing atmosphere of horror and adventure.
-You have to avoid traps, shoot targets and react very fast fleeing from Lovecraftian horrors which fill the table.
-Cthulhu have created you to serve him.
-You must collect a resource called corruption for Cthulhu!
-During your mission, you must to impress Cthulhu.
-For the services to Cthulhu, you will be able to evolve, improve your skills to defeat enemies.

Download this game and help Cthulhu get all the balls in the world for his party in this pinball game! Each ball can help you invoke, level up or upgrade your creatures from Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos.

★ Flip and tilt with just your finger
★ Meet lovecraftian's monsters from the Cthulhu mythos
★ Collect multipliers them to increase your score
★ Invoke, get extra ball and upgrade your monsters
★ Keep your eyes open for save ball, maybe you'll find something useful in there
★ Lots of updates incoming stay tuned

Pinball Myths 3D Cthulhu offers a new way to see H.P Lovecraft impressive universe. Can you reach the max level? Will you be brave enough to unleash every monsters?

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