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Akashic Soul Pro Review

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Publication date:November 22, 2021


Akashic Soul Pro Review

Publicated: 01 Mar 2019
As you use this app, and get the details connected to your intentions for Akashic Soul Self Session, use the awareness received to generate wholeness, compassion, and a greater love for "all is self understandings." This app makes Self Awakening and wholeness remembered easy!

Akash is ether, the 5th state of matter, ether is everywhere... all information of all time and space is held within this ether Akashic field. The fourth state of matter is plasma, which is also soul essence, and holds your divine blueprint of the highest possiblties as an individual SOUL.
By accessing the Akashic information working with your intuition or body sway muscle testing, you can find soul essence in timelines that may be ready to come home to your central channel. Once essence is back to your channel that which you think, say, do and be actualizes easily.

Use the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY CHARTS to ask your Consciousness what details are connected to any quantum entanglement, program, belief system, wisdom, and consciousness state. With a simple clearing statement to HIGHER SELF consciousness and a follow up meditation visualizing your plasma light body flow in a toroidal formation— your super intelligence comes back online!

In meditation following an Akashic Soul Record Clearing Self Session be open to receiving super intelligent guidance from within, and witness any upgrade of the intention stated for the session.

Each being who uses this app is assisting themselves and all beings they are connected to. As we shift our energy configuration, perceptions, and allow a new Oneness knowing, all around us also shifts to match the resonate frequency you are emitting.

This is an energetic self mastery tool!
Used DAILY with follow UP use of any SOLUTIONS that your consciousness points to physically, or energetically in meditation— you are super conscious in your purposeful movement forward.

The use of this app leads to wholeness and new states of ONENESS consciousness.

AKASHIC SOUL PRO comes with additional training and additional what CHARTS to explore: temples, animals , geometry, POWERS, planets, stars, nature, vehicles, and EVENTS. ** More charts may be added in updates.

Welcome to Akashic Soul Pro! You are retracing your steps back within and regaining full super conscious states!

With this Pro version of Akashic Soul Pro App, there is access to many classes and additional teachings from developer Elasa. She has been guided to create this app and train a handful of light beings with Ascension tools and Guidance on how to assist others who are just waking up or needing extra assistance with remembering wholeness state. Be willing when called to share this app and assist someone with their first time use.

On the extra training videos check out Soul Healing Level 1: Akashic Guide to feel better equipped on how to guide someone through use of this tool daily.

On the Akashic Soul Pro App, everyone you refer this app to will be able also grow and awaken quickly!

Happy Ascension and awakening to wholeness possibilities.

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