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SkyView® Lite Review

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SkyView Lite Review

Publicated: 09 Jun 2020

SkyView Lite is your go-to app for when you want to look at the night sky. It allows you to identify stars and entire constellations by simply pointing your phone on them. Download SkyView Lite and become an instant stargazing expert.

Interface 9/10

The interface of SkyView Lite apk is amazing since it manages to create the right mood right from the start, leaving a good portion of your screen open. That means you can just look at the sky through the camera and use this SkyView Lite app as a subtle stargazing assistant. All of its menu options are designed to be less distractive – but they remain easy to access and informative. You can learn about every visible sky object with just a tap, and that’s why SkyView Lite really stands out for me. Other similar apps tend to be mobile catalogs of stars, but this app provides an interactive experience.

Features 9/10

This SkyView Lite iOS version has lots of useful features that make stargazing easy and fun. It allows you to identify stars, planets, and even artificial satellites (including the International Space Station) by directly pointing your camera at the sky. The app can look for them automatically – or remind you about an upcoming celestial event like a lunar eclipse. There are all kinds of sharing options so that you can share nice photos of the night sky or certain objects with your friends or relatives, which makes this stargazing thing a real source of fun.

Performance 9/10


  • Convenient interface
  • Lots of useful features
  • Powerful sharing options
  • Great performance
  • Free and offline


  • Still has some bugs
  • Not too informative

The app is great, and it works perfectly well on my iPhone. I can’t think of a serious bug that I’d like to share with you in this SkyView Lite review, and my friends seem to have equally positive experiences with it. That means you can be sure this app’s performance won’t disappoint you. SkyView works perfectly well on pretty much every iOS device, and it doesn’t even require the Internet to work – all of its functions are available offline so that you can take it with you on a hiking trip.

Pricing 8/10

SkyView Lite is completely free: you don’t have to pay anything to install the app and use it for as long as it’s necessary. While the app does have some premium features, they are optional, and you don’t feel deprived of the best options. And you can give it to your kids without worrying too much about possible bills.

The Verdict

SkyView Lite is free, useful, and reliable. It’s a must-have app for everybody interested in looking at the night sky since now you can excel at recognizing various celestial objects. All in all, it’s a great way to learn more about astronomy, so be sure to download SkyView Lite and check it out.

Emma Brewer
Editor, author of The QuickHelpApp Blog

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